"I often came to Mari feeling disconnected from my body and scattered in my mind. I would emerge from her class feeling clear, solid, integrated. Mari brings not only a wealth of knowledge and experience abut the body but also a strong intuitiveness on many realms beyond the physical. I trusted her completely."
Lisa D. Ordell, Registered Massage Therapist

"Mari has a very special gift for teaching, noted in her caring and compassionate attitude. Since 1990 Mari has contributed to the growth and direction of the Wellness Education Certificate Program."
Dr. Colleen Dunkely, Director, Wellness Education Certificate Program, Sheridan College

"The exercises, while slow and subtle, are very effective for relieving deep, chronic muscle pain. I have found that they are the only way I can relax enough to sleep some nights. I feel I am unlearning a lifetime of bad habits.�
Dennis Anderson, Editor, Globe & Mail

"The movement techniques that Mari uses are gentle enough that they do not cause pain. However, over time my body has strengthened and I find I have the ability to do things that I couldn�t do before without experiencing the effects of my repetitive strain injury. With this strength has come a growing self-confidence in relation to my ability to heal."
Janet Fairfield, client

"Mari has been a wise teacher in every sense of the word. She has excellent rapport with her clients, is both directive with them and yet compassionate at the same time. She builds rapport quickly, and has immense experience in the areas where physical movement and mental perception intertwine."
Mark Gilbert, M.D., F.R.C.P.(c), Director, Mind-Body Medicine Canada

"In the years I worked with Mari in a clinical setting, she demonstrated outstanding teaching and clinical skills related to movement re-education in patients with motor vehicle and repetitive strain injuries."
Melody Lynden, B.Sc., Occupational Therapist

"As a colleague and student of Mari Naumovski, I have always been inspired by her passion for exploring the many facets of human movement and the body. Mari never ceases in her search for innovative ways of presenting movement material to those around her whether it be through movement exploration, anatomical investigation, metaphors from nature, poetry, art or scientific studies. Mari�s methodical and thorough preparation for all she engages in has resulted in her own movement system using physioballs called 'BodySpheres'. Mari will be an important influence in the unification of body, mind and spirit for many people."
Lisa Sandlos, C.M.A, Ph.D. (Candidate)

"Being a dancer all of my life I believed that I was well acquainted with experiencing the creation of movement from the soul. But working with Mari in Ball Lab 2002 has helped me to arrive at a place that I had no idea existed. The art of sensing movement through shape, texture, breath, volume, and the list goes on, has left me with not only a more enriched approach to my work, but to my personal experience as well. Mari�s earthy yet ethereal approach to her work is exciting and at times so intoxicating that you can�t help but let go and allow yourself to be swept up in the mysteries of the ways we move and why."
Karren Ginn-Hammond, Dancer, Pilates , and BodySpheres Instructor