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BodySpheres is an approach to exercise, body awareness, movement enhancement and imaginative play using large, inflatable balls. BodySpheres has been influenced by Bartenieff Fundamentalssm and Laban Movement Analysissm as well as contact improvisation, dance, various somatic movement systems and the healing arts. Bartenieff Fundamentalssm (BF), developed by physiotherapist and dance researcher Irmgard Bartenieff (1900-1981), is a somatic movement system that explores the internal support processes of the body as a dialogue between inner motivation and structural adaptation. Laban Movement Analysissm (LMA) is a somatic movement system in the study of body, space harmony, shape and effort inspired by the work of European movement pioneer Rudolf Laban (1879-1958). Contact improvisation is a duet or group dance form using moving weight support of the body as a basis for continual contact.
BodySpheres is more than the sum of these parts.

Recreational Format:

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Professional Format:

Full Day Workshop

Introduces the theoretical framework for BodySpheres,
movement breakdown, health considerations and benefits.
Themes of stability-mobility, spatial integration and rotary
dynamics are presented.

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Certification Program

A comprehensive training program of 42 hours of in-class
instruction in the somatic foundation of ballwork with an
emphasis on practice and skill development in observation,
teaching and class planning. Pre-requisite of BodySpheres
full day workshop, somatics, yoga, pilates or healthcare/education

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