Studio for Movement & the Healing Arts
is an educational company offering therapeutic and creative programs in mind-body integration since 1990. Vital Moves is located in Northeastern Ontario.

Private Sessions
• To Improve Quality of Movement
• To Relax and Balance Body & Mind
Note: Vital Moves is neither a physiotherapy nor a medical facility. No diagnostic nor prescriptive advice is given. Acute or advanced conditions will be referred to appropriate health care professionals.

Movement Therapy
Movement therapy is a gentle, interactive approach that deepens body awareness and enhances freedom of movement. Utilizing movement principles and sequences from Laban Movement Analysissm (LMA), Bartenieff Fundamentalssm (BF), Pilates and BodySpheres™, you will experience changes in posture, tone, co-ordination, range of motion and mental clarity.

CranioSacral Reflexology
Reflexology is a method of applying pressure and massage to the feet that assists in balancing all of the systems of the body for physical and mental well-being.
Specifically, CranioSacral Reflexology, developed by Martine Faure-Alderson, D.O., engages with the primary respiratory mechanism(PRM) as the rhythmic undercurrent that nourishes and transmits restorative faculties and immunity for all body systems.


Initial Session 75 minutes
All Subsequent
60 minutes
The last 10 minutes of each session allow for:

• Relaxation (after Reflexology & TT)
• Synthesis of learning experience
• Administration
• Non-hurried transition between clients
and into the rest of the day




"Movement Awareness… From the Ground Up"

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